About Us

Story Thyme

Locally owned and operated, Closing Thyme was an easy fit for current Owner, Crystal Guillen to take on. She loves giving gifts and knows that a good gift can leave a lasting impression. She has many family and friends in the real estate industry and she understood that there was a strong need for a closing gift delivery service that would allow realtors to focus on building their pipelines and spend their thyme and money more wisely.

A step beyond your typical closing gifts and in an industry filled with numerous options, Closing Thyme delivers thoughtful and unique gift baskets to your customers as a memorable way to thank them for choosing you. Our unique products and services enable you to leave a lasting impression on your clients, one closing at a thyme.  

Mission Thyme

Our mission is to help our customers make a lasting impression on their clients, one closing at a thyme. Closing Thyme places a strong emphasis on supporting our customers and local businesses simultaneously. Each of our baskets includes an array of diverse local products made right here in the incredible state of Utah.

Why local? This is a subject near and dear to our hearts. If Utahn’s spent 10% more supporting local businesses annually, studies show that approximately $1.3 billion would be kept in our state’s economy every year. Additionally, supporting local businesses creates jobs for Utah residents, provides extra tax generating revenue for local governments, and provides customers with better products and services!


Guarantee Thyme

Here at Closing Thyme, we guarantee your complete satisfaction. If for any reason you are not satisfied with your products or service, please contact us immediately. We will assist you with a prompt exchange, refund, or credit.

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