Some of our favorites

Classy Thyme - gold bowl, marble coasters, Geometry towel, honey, mac 'n cheese & wooden spoons 

Utah Thyme - Utah shaped cutting board, Utah landmarks glasses, honey, candy, Utah coasters and small Utah cutting board 

Pastry Tier Thyme

Marble pastry tier with gold edges, gold hammered bowl, wooden spoons, Capri candle, matches, Geometry towel, ceramic measuring spoons & popcorn 

Breakfast Thyme

Daily Rise coffee, coffee scoop, pancake & waffle mix, maple syrup, coffee mugs

BBQ Thyme

Bear Paws meat shredders, Maple Chipotle BBQ sauce, Popcorn, Popcorn salt & candy 

Snack Thyme

Salty compressible popcorn bowl, popcorn,  popcorn salt & candy


Happy Thyme

Hammered silver bowl, happy wreath hanger, ceramic measuring spoons, Geometry towels, Mexican folk art animal dolls & candy


Pride Thyme

Pride coffee mugs, Capri candle, pride candy, hanging cactus fluff, card and sticker

Doggy Thyme

Dog treat jar, paw shaped cutting board, doggy snacks